Covid – 19 Statement

Over 300 Comedians and Speakers

After Dinner Speakers & Comedians Ltd Statement Re: Coronavirus – Covid – 19

Covid-19 has brought significant challenges to the industry and continues to create challenges within live entertainment and hospitality. But there is hope.

The Government have announced that from 15th August, events can take place, indoors, with MORE than 30 people, so long as social distancing guidelines are implemented by the venue. We recognise this may present it’s own difficulties in both viability and suitability but if your venue cannot provide a safe environment for the event, another one will. Full details are available HERE. There is conflicting advice out there at the moment at a local level, but our opinion above all else is that people are desperate to attend live functions again and are aware of the nominal risk to health in doing so.

Bookings due to take place are subject to existing contractual obligations however we have found so far that all parties have been flexible and amenable to change / postponement. In this event, we do reserve the right to make a charge for our administration of such changes, as per our terms of business. This charge is at our discretion and limited to a maximum of 15% of the total fees contracted.

For all new bookings and enquiries, please get in touch. We are very realistic in how to approach the risk of committing to an event and want to assure our clients, that we are transparent and clear in terms of obligations and expectations before going to contract. Our terms take into account all parties, and consider all factors that may impact the event.

We ask our clients to consider the impact on ourselves, professional comedians and after dinner speakers as well as your own organisations in what are unprecedented times for those making a living from live entertainment.

Please do get in touch with us – we are here to hold your hand and make the experience as secure as possible, whilst also giving you the confidence to go ahead.